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When you join the 5-week coaching program you will receive support to get your business basics off the ground. Gain access to 1 hour/week of business coaching with Iryonna Hogan.

WEEK ONE - Learn Your Business
Explore licensing options, marketing basics, and your product/service.


WEEK TWO - Write Your Plan
Communicate your vision, organize your business plan, and prepare your pitch.

WEEK THREE - Tell Your Story
Write your "About Me" story and key messages to sell your business.

WEEK FOUR - Reach Your Audience
Define your audience and map out a strategy to reach them.

WEEK FIVE - Advertise on Social
Learn the basics to target advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Sales + Media Coaching
Receive three sales leads and coaching to sell and create content for your business.

5-Week Business Coaching Program

  • All appointments must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. Once we receive your request, we will contact you within 2 business days to schedule the day and time for your first call of the 5-week program.

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