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Helping Individuals Build Legacies


Career Mentorship

We offer a wide variety of career mentorship services to help both young and seasoned adults and adolescents develop interview skills, build professional resumes, find qualified job leads, start businesses, and more.

Passing Down Wealth

It's never too early to start sculpting children to become confident, competent, and self-sufficient. Our goal is to empower children by helping them realize their passions and aspirations and develop skills that will benefit them far beyond adolescence.

Housing Leads

We provide housing to working individuals who find themselves in a tight spot. Together we will work to diagnose your situation and transform it for the better, whether that means finding new employment, improving credit, locating a long-term housing solution, etc.

Credit Assistance

Poor credit may seem like the barrier you will never climb over but with our assistance, we will help you develop an effective plan for improving and stabilizing your credit for the long haul. For more info, click the Learn More button below or contact us today.

Iryonna Hogan


Iryonna Hogan

Career Mentor

Iryonna Hogan has a heart for working with youth and young adults to help them discover, visualize, and achieve their goals. She specializes in the areas of minority empowerment, career development, and financial literacy.

Today, Hogan has expanded her resources to offer career mentorship services to adults and adolescents by way of one-on-one and group coaching, motivational /seminar speaking, and more. She has also designed a line of products so anyone can work on furthering their potential from the comfort of their own homes. Her flagship products include the Black Excellence Workbook, Career Success Cards, and Family Financial Literacy Cards.


If you’re looking for a world-class inspirational speaker, business coach, and life coach to grace your next event, reach out to us to avail the Legacy Leader’s motivational speaking services.


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Keasha J.

"Thank you for helping me learn about my Finances and how to set realistic goals. No one ever took the time to break it down for me to understand. I appreciate the time took and never getting upset for me asking a lot of questions."

Angel C.

"I would like to say thank you for helping me become stable. Thank you for the job leads and housing leads. I was finally able to get my own two-bedroom for me and my son. God Bless!"

Precious L.

"I appreciate you and the time that you've taken with me. There is no way I can say thank you. I can truly say that you've helped me become the woman I am today. You helped increase my credit score and stayed with me every step of the way."

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