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How To Successfully Get Hired During A Pandemic

The pandemic has put the world on a halt, which has resulted in business losses worldwide. The lack of profits prompted many companies to not only freeze hiring but also to get rid of half of their workforce. However, with things slowly starting to pick up in the job market, many job seekers are growing hopeful.

With the rate of unemployment during the pandemic being compared to the Great Depression, it's no secret that everyone is hoping to secure a well-paying job. With the norms changing, here are some tips to keep in mind to accelerate your chances of securing a job.

Get Networking

If you want to up your chances of getting a job, a personal recommendation goes a long way. In fact, employers are more likely to hire someone who has been vouched for by a current employee!

Free webinars, virtual events, and getting in touch with ex-colleagues are all great ways to get the word out on you seeking job opportunities. Try to build genuine connections with the circle you're hoping to join, and even offer to return the favor when the time is right! A strong social network can be a useful asset that can help you once you secure a job as well.

Upgrade Your Resume

The best way to get hired is to stand out. There are hundreds of employees running for the same position you are in. So, what is going to separate you from the others?

The solution is simple; spruce up your resume! No need to be humble. List out all the relevant qualifications for the job you're hoping to get. In the meantime, try to get some free online certifications that add more credibility to your skills. Additionally, try to alter your resume for every job you send to be more relevant to the job title rather than sending the same template to every employer.

Get Career Mentorship

The current circumstances are incredibly unprecedented. No one knows when things will settle back to how they were. Gambling on your livelihood can be extremely risky, and it would be best to opt for personal mentorship that focuses on your individual needs.

A career mentorship session could help assess your resume, interview skills and the industry you are hoping to enter. It's a great way to get targeted advice that would work best for you and help you succeed. While some advice can be given to a general audience, many industries have their own hiring requirements that applicants should meet. Career mentorship can help you identify those requirements.

If you would like to avail the best career mentoring services, get in touch with us at Iryonna Hogan, The Legacy Leader. Get expert advice and guidance from Iryonna Hogan, a dedicated career mentor from Grand Rapids. From interview skills to resume building, she will make sure to help you land the job of your dreams!

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